The key to a successful construction project

The basic assessment is the first and decisive step in any construction project. It lays the foundation for all subsequent planning and construction phases and is therefore of central importance for the success of a project.

Objective: Every construction project begins with a clear vision. It is crucial to understand what purpose the facility is intended to fulfill. Whether it is to be a luxury residential project or a low-cost business district, the basic survey helps to clearly define the client's wishes and requirements.

Budget: A realistic budget is at the heart of any planning. It is important to know how much money is available and where the capital will come from, be it from your own funds, bank loans or investors.

Location analysis: Choosing the right location can make the difference between success and failure. A thorough analysis of the social, economic and cultural structure of the area is essential. It should also be checked whether there are already similar projects in the area.

The Basic determination to HOAIthe fee schedule for architects and engineers, provides a structured framework for this initial phase. It includes not only clarification of the task and a site inspection, but also comprehensive advice on the overall service and investigation requirements. In addition, decision-making aids are formulated for the selection of other specialists involved in the planning and the results are summarized, explained and documented.

Another important aspect of the basic research is the Consulting of the client on the overall performance requirements and the necessities of the project. This also includes the creation of decision-making aids and the concretization of the results.

Conclusion: The basic survey is the key to a successful construction project. It ensures that everyone involved is on the same page right from the start and that the project is built on a solid foundation.

Vision and advice

Conception and design

Approval and documentation

Realization and construction

Inspection and handover

Customer service and aftercare

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