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Clean and fast work, transparency and constructive solutions are a matter of course. Our on-site inspections and cost estimates are completely free of charge and non-binding for you. This gives you a transparent overview of all costs incurred.

Our service portfolio

Cleaning of all kinds - private and commercial

So why not hire the cleaning experts in the household? Whether it's a complete deep clean including windows and frames or regular cleaning of your home, both tasks are more of a chore than a duty for us, and we do them with enthusiasm. Our experienced team is available for all types of cleaning. From regular stairwell cleaning and weekly apartment cleaning to intensive cleaning, for example during spring cleaning, our clean work covers a wide range of services.

We also clean around the building quickly and professionally. We can sweep paths and driveways regularly or just when needed, collect any garbage flying around, and we also have the right solution for graffiti on the wall of a building - in the truest sense of the word.

We are happy to discuss the extent of our activities with you. The washing out of cupboards, special cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, or the cleaning of window panes and frames: You determine the scope of our work. And we will let you know in advance what it will cost. A fixed price, a clean thing, right?

Of course, we also work in the commercial sector. We take care of the daily cleaning of offices and workshops with the associated social areas as reliably as we do unobtrusively. In this segment, too, you decide which services we provide. In addition to cleaning floors, we also clean desks, freshly washed windows and clean frames.

Our tip: You should pay particular attention to the reception area.
This is your company's business card and gives your customer a first impression.

Demolition and gutting - safe and environmentally friendly

The demolition of buildings, the demolition of garages and similar work belongs in the hands of professionals. It is all too easy for large wall sections to collapse like houses of cards. Falling stones are a potential hazard of the first order. The right approach, protective clothing and protective measures are therefore essential for demolition work.

Even before the first hammer blows down on a building, experts should assess the situation. We have these experts with us when we inspect your property for the first time. We will advise you in detail on the correct procedure, on the use of the right equipment and are also reliable and experienced when it comes to the removal and separation of recyclable materials.

When demolishing houses, it is often necessary to proceed slowly. Only an extremely systematic approach can guarantee that there will be no injuries. However, it also ensures that neighboring buildings, for example, do not suffer demolition marks or even serious damage.

We can show you the best course of action and estimate the costs at the very first meeting. You will then find all the relevant work listed in detail in a carefully prepared cost estimate. And of course the price, which is fixed. Rock solid, and we won't tear it down.

With us, the demolition will definitely succeed. Safe, fast and clean.
We also offer short-term solutions and have the right device for every situation.

Gardening and landscaping - maintenance, planning and redesign

"To the trees, monkeys, the forest is swept ..." The author of this well-known song had something in mind when he swept the forest, or rather, cleaned up gardens from time to time. A regularly tended garden is good for the plants, simply looks better and guarantees its owner the greatest possible recreational value. Our experienced gardeners and landscapers also have a heart for the small, delicate plants.

Whether by appointment, twice a year in spring and fall, or on a regular basis: we take care of your garden punctually and reliably and carry out all the necessary work. We prune your trees to the right size and also carry out tree felling work, paying careful attention to compliance with legal regulations.

Just as you change the wallpaper in your house every few years, swap the couch in the living room or replace the kitchen, you should also ensure that your garden is varied and new. We can create garden ponds, gardens that are typical of certain countries, build terraces and cut down large trees just as professionally as the everyday little things. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

Because a beautifully designed and regularly tended garden quickly becomes the focal point, especially on nice sunny days. And when the work is done, the monkeys will come down from the trees and enjoy your new garden. Free of weeds, tastefully planted and an oasis that invites you to linger.

An attractive garden invites you to linger.
Fire up the barbecue, serve a few cool drinks, your family and friends will thank you.

Clearing out and household liquidations

Whether you are a private or commercial customer, you can count on our competent service for clearing out and partial clearances. We are on the spot at short notice, work professionally and take all environmental regulations into account. We keep to our promised deadlines as well as the estimated costs. You know in advance what we will charge once the work has been completed; our predetermined fixed price includes insurance, disposal fees, wages and travel costs. You can rely on our prices just as much as on our trained employees.

Private individuals as well as housing associations, property management companies, retirement homes, public authorities and companies from a wide range of sectors appreciate our prudent approach and the expertise of our employees.

Our full service is particularly useful for household clearances. We take the utmost care when dismantling large items of furniture, separating the different recyclable materials and sorting the household items into their respective waste categories. Unless otherwise agreed, we leave all rooms swept clean.

We don't just do the nice jobs, we also go where it hurts. Recycle what makes sense, destroy what is secret - companies that want to destroy old documents after the statutory retention periods have expired are also at the right address with us. Because these activities are an absolute matter of trust that belongs in trained hands.

We guarantee:
We also always have an open ear for very special requests when it comes to clearing out and household liquidations.