Barrier-free bathroom renovations

Accessibility in your own home is becoming increasingly Meaningespecially when it comes to the Refurbishment of bathrooms. A barrier-free bathroom renovation not only improves the Quality of lifebut also increases safety and independence, especially for people with limited mobility or at an advanced age. But what costs will you incur and what funding options are available?

Costs of a barrier-free bathroom renovation

The costs for a barrier-free Bathroom renovation vary depending on the scope of the project and the materials selected. Minor adjustments such as the installation of grab rails or a flush-to-floor Shower start at a few thousand euros, while a comprehensive renovation can cost up to 25,000 euros or more. Important cost factors are the size of the bathroom, necessary structural changes, material quality and labor costs.

Financial support and grants

Fortunately, there are various options for financial support. People with a disability or in need of care can receive grants from the care insurance fund, the health insurance fund, the social welfare office or through special support programs. The care insurance fund, for example, offers up to 4,000 euros per measure. It is important to submit the applications before starting the renovation work.

Health insurance benefits for bathroom conversion

If the bathroom conversion is necessary for medical reasons, the health insurance company may cover the costs. A medical certificate and proof that the conversion facilitates care at home or enables independent living are required for this.

Subsidies from the KfW Bank

The KfW Bank offers grants or low-cost loans for barrier-free conversions as part of its "Age-appropriate conversions" program. These programs are available to both private individuals and landlords.

Differences between barrier-free and handicapped accessible

It is important to distinguish between "barrier-free" and "accessible". Accessibility aims to make spaces accessible to all people, while disabled-friendly facilities are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Requirements for a barrier-free shower

A barrier-free shower should be at least 120 x 120 cm in size to provide sufficient freedom of movement. A non-slip floor and the option of installing grab rails are also important.

Promotion of barrier-free construction

Barrier-free construction is supported by various government programs and grants. These programs support both new buildings and conversions of existing structures.

Legal requirements for accessibility

In public buildings and new buildings, there are often legal requirements for accessibility. There is generally no legal obligation for private homes, unless they are new builds or extensive renovations.

Important features of barrier-free bathrooms

Accessibility in the bathroom includes wide doors, threshold-free transitions, sufficient movement space, grab rails, wheelchair-accessible washbasins and level-access showers. These adaptations make access and use easier for people with different abilities.

Barrier-free bathroom renovation is an important step towards improving the quality of living and promoting a self-determined life. With the right information and support options, this process can be successfully implemented.

Your partner for barrier-free bathroom renovations: "We dispose of worries"

At Wir Entsorgen Sorgen, we understand that transforming your bathroom into an accessible environment is a big decision. That's why we offer comprehensive and careful support at every step of the process.

Planning and consulting

Our experienced Team is at your side right from the start. We will advise you in detail on the options for a barrier-free bathroom renovation that is tailored precisely to your needs and those of your loved ones. We work with you to plan the renovation, placing particular emphasis on functionality, safety and design.

Implementation and quality

The renovation work is carried out by our qualified specialists. We guarantee the highest standards during implementation and only use high-quality materials. Our aim is to create a bathroom that is not only barrier-free, but also a place of well-being.

Subsidies and financing

We also support you in applying for funding and grants. Our team is very familiar with the various funding programs and will help you to obtain maximum financial support for your project.

Sustainable solutions

"Wir Entsorgen Sorgen" stands for sustainable and future-proof solutions. We ensure that your new bathroom not only meets your current needs, but also meets future requirements.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are only satisfied when you are. That's why we continue to support you after the project has been completed and are available for any adjustments or questions you may have.

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